CATALYST is a PCI Geomatics brand, which has been introduced to put leading-edge technology into the hands of decision-makers. CATALYST provides proven algorithms rooted in photogrammetry and remote sensing to offer engineers, environmental management, and other professionals accessible earth data measurements on a reliable basis derived with leading-edge, scalable software solutions and platforms.

PCI Geomatics, established in 1982, is a Canadian software development company that creates and delivers geo-image software products, platforms, and solutions for demanding global customers.

They develop complete and integrated software featuring the tools professionals need for remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, image analysis, map production, mosaicking, and more. Desktop and enterprise software products that allow customers to produce information from a myriad of aerial and satellite earth observing platforms. CATALYST's vision for the future is to make the world a better place by maximizing the value of geo-imagery.

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CATALYST Insights - Ground Displacement 
Take advantage of the latest innovations in satellite radar technology to help your business make better risk and investment decisions regarding critical infrastructure and safety ratings.

  Starts from 30000€

CATALYST Professional 
Deliver outstanding results for satellite, radar, and aerial imagery!

  Starts from 608€/month