CATALYST INSIGHTS - Ground Displacement
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From 30,000€

From 30,000€

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Provided by CATALYST - a PCI Geomatics brand

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Take advantage of the latest innovations in satellite radar technology to help your business make better risk and investment decisions regarding critical infrastructure and safety ratings.

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CATALYST INSIGHTS - Ground Displacement

Ground displacement is a subtle danger usually invisible to the naked eye. As the terrain sinks or rises by just a few centimeters per year, physical strain is put on nearby structures which may show no outward signs of damage until the breaking point is reached. Ground displacement can compromise the integrity of buildings, transportation networks, pipelines, dams, mines, and slopes, which can result in costly downtime, property damage, and loss of life.

With CATALYST INSIGHTS - Ground Displacement, you can take advantage of the latest innovations in satellite radar technology to help your business make better risk and investment decisions regarding critical infrastructure, buildings, safety ratings, loan portfolios, etc.

Using repeat pass Interferometric Synthetic-Aperture Radar (InSAR) satellite imagery (Sentinel-1), CATALYST, through CATALYST INSIGHTS - Ground Displacement, provides scientifically validated measurements to indicate displacement, down to the millimeter scale. The delivered data package includes displacement and velocity. Additional temporal or spatial frequency can be added using higher resolutions SAR satellites. This data allows you to monitor displacement and easily make use of this information within your organization for land monitoring, and other applications.

Manage risks

Climate change is accelerating the risk ground displacement poses to critical infrastructure around the world. Mitigate damage to your assets by monitoring this geohazard in near real-time.

Reliable monitoring

CATALYST INSIGHTS taps into satellite radar (SAR) constellations to cost-effectively acquire near real-time millimeter-level measurements of ground displacement around your assets.

Actionable intel

Flexible user interface and API makes it easy for business users and technology teams to access ground displacement measurements and alerts to augment their risk management solutions.

You can select the ground displacement monitoring of several infrastructure assets such as:

  • Powerlines

  • Airports/Seaports 

  • Buildings

  • Pipelines

  • Bridges

  • Roads

  • Railroads

Please note that the minimum area coverage is 10.000 sq. km.

Key features

Reliable millimeter-level measurements on any point on the earth

Custom alert configuration

Cost-effective monitoring of very large areas

High-density measurements updated regularly 

Web-app or API access according to the needs of your business 

Availability of historical measurements

Key applications


Visualize and understand the risks that ground displacement poses to your assets

Analyzing roads' condition

Site selection process for new powerline and pipeline networks 


Damage assessment after a natural disaster (e.g. earthquake, volcano eruption)

Design tailored insurance products

Vegetation encroachment risk near high voltage powerlines


Yes, of course! Ready-to-see demonstration of CATALYST INSIGHTS - Ground Displacement is already available for several cities in the USA, such as Miami, Washington D.C, and Atlantic City. Please contact us using the form below to provide you access to the interactive map of the application.

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Specifications for CATALYST INSIGHTS - Ground Displacement

General Info
Service Provider​ CATALYST - a PCI Geomatics brand
Thematic Information Risk monitoring; Subsidence; Ground Displacement; Vegetation Encroachment; Land Change Dynamics
Features​ Provided Analytics; alerts; historical data
Access Mode​ Web app; API
Pricing Options Pre-paid; Subscription
Pricing​ Per km²; min. 10,000 km²
Free Trial On demand
Delivery Time​ Up to 2 weeks
Compatible products Standalone
Geodata Specs
Mission Sentinel-1
Sensor & Data Products SAR
Data Processing Level L4
Data Format​ CSV
Spectral Bands C-Band
Polarization VV, VH
Spatial Coverage Global
Temporal Coverage Since 2014
Temporal Resolution Monthly